Powerpack Program

The Powerpack Program provides a weekend bag of breakfast items, individual meals and snacks for school age children (K-12) in all of I.S.D. 12 schools.  Each school has their own policy of how the packs are delivered. The concept is the packs should be handed out confidentially such that the privacy of each student is respected. Additional food or bags are distributed for school holidays. This program is run during the school year from September to end of May.

Powerpack has many volunteer opportunities


Powerpacks are created as a supplemental food source for children who may need a little extra help on having enough food available at home on the weekends. Powerpack partners with the Centennial School District, operating out of the Centennial Middle School. Powerpacks are confidentially delivered to participating students each week during the school year. School officials from each of the nine schools notify the Powerpack team each week of how many packs are requested. To enroll, contact your child's school counselor.


What's in a Pack

  • shelf-stable milk (plain, chocolate, or protein shake)
  • breakfast items (individually packaged or small boxes of low sugar cereal, breakfast bar, or oatmeal)
  • dinner items (single serve meals, single servings of tuna or chicken, or individual servings of mac and cheese)
  • healthy snacks (individually labeled protein bars, shelf-stable yogurt treats, fruit cups, granola bars, or small boxes of raisins)*

Powerpack Room Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday activities:

8:30: pick up food donations at Festival, Cub, CCFS
9:00: sort, weigh, and put away incoming food
9:30: create Powerpacks
10:00: Powerpacks ready for schools to pick up (between 10 and 2 at CMS)
10:30: set table for Wednesday work (to be done on every other Wednesday or when needed)

Wednesdays (every other Wednesday or when needed):
2:00  - 3:00 pm: volunteers sort, unpackage, crate food as instructed 

Fridays (when school is in session; otherwise done by Tuesday group):
deliver packs discreetly to specified lockers

Powerpack Tuesday packing:

How Powerpack started​                                  

In Spring 2013 a group of community members, led by Circle Pines resident Jenn Gramse, began meeting to talk about ways to help provide hungry students the nourishment necessary for health, well-being, and school success. With the help of Ron Koon, President of the Centennial Community Food Shelf, Jenn researched local backpack food programs and created the Powerpack Program to provide participating students a bag of non-perishable food items at the end of every week during the school year.

Two of our many volunteers:

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* ​Due to potential allergies and law requirements each item in a pack needs to contain full list of ingredients. Items like applesauce cups, when broken up, do not contain ingredients on individual cups and thus can not be included in packs.