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Our Mission

Centennial Community Food Shelf (CCFS) is a non-profit organization located in Circle Pines, Minnesota. Our mission is to provide food assistance to individuals and families in need, aiming to support the local community and address food insecurity. We offer a variety of food options and resources, promoting healthy eating habits and ensuring access to nutritious meals for everyone. Currently, our clients are allowed to visit the food shelf twice per month,


In addition to our regular food distribution, we run a backpack program called Powerpack, where packs of food are given to students in need on weekends and breaks.


We rely on both food and monetary donations from citizens and organizations in the surrounding areas, and purchase a significant portion of our food from Second Harvest Food Bank. Our commitment to welcoming and serving anyone facing food insecurity, regardless of where they live, ensures that we provide support to all those in need.


We value inclusivity and our mission statement, In the spirit of love, provide nourishment to people, reflects our commitment to not only providing food but also fostering a compassionate and caring environment for our clients.


Pounds of food per month





Individuals helped each month


Non Profit Organization

We are a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization. We operate entirely with food and monetary donations from individuals and organizations within the community.  We are governed by our bylaws and a Board of Directors. We have no paid staff. 

Board of Directors


Our Programs

  • Centennial Community Food Shel (CCFS) - We serve families and individuals with a traditional food shelf up to two times per month

  • Holiday Baskets - ​We distribute holiday meal baskets to our clients three or four times a year

  • Powerpack - ​We have partnered with Centennial School District (ISD12) to provide weekly bags of food to students for weekend consumption

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