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Centennial Community Food Shelf and Powerpack would not operate without our approximately 150 volunteers who do all the things we need to run the Food Shelf and Powerpack program. Our food shelf distribution times are staffed with teams from one of our participating community churches. These teams serve approximately one afternoon a month and often need additional members or substitutes.

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Volunteer with CCFS

  • Greeting clients (3:45-6:15 Mon & Thurs)

  • Assist clients and carry groceries to their car (3:45-6:15 Mon & Thurs.) Note: we often need student groups to assist.

  • Help with regular deliveries (2nd Harvest Heartland - every 2 weeks, Breads & Pastries weekly)

  • Help unload the delivery truck and put items away (Tuesday mornings)

  • Help restock the shelves as items are delivered.

  • Help bring in rescue foods from local grocery and convenience stores (typically mornings or weekends).

  • Clean up and bring containers to trash receptacles behind the big parking ramp.

  • Food Drive Organizer (times and dates vary)

  • ​Grant writing


Volunteer with PowerPack

  • Transport donations from local grocers, businesses, and food banks

  • Weight and sort donated food 

  • Assemble Powerpacks 

  • Fundraising projects

  • Event coordination

  • Powerpack advocacy

  • Grant writing

  • Transport packs to various schools (coordinate through each school)

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